Converting This Blog to Django

One of the programming projects I decided to work on was learning how to build websites using Python and Django. So I’m in the process of using this blog as a guinea pig to get everything figured out.

The work is coming along nicely.

I managed to get a good workflow figured out that allows me to develop the website on my local computer, test it there, then deploy it to a test server and set everything up in an automated way. When everything is ready to go live all I will have to do is repoint the domain name to the production server. Everything should just work.

The one major difference when moving from this WordPress install to something I write myself is that wordpress gives me a lot of stuff for free and I have to program or install and configure components for a django website.

The test website includes a major overhaul of the website theme. I’m going for a very minimal look.

Check out the progress at

What I need to still do is:

  1. Write a script to convert all my posts to the new database
  2. Add XML-RPC so I can post with my desktop tools