Olympics are Crazy

The city of Vancouver has gone insane! Just trying to get home from work is an ordeal. Even with Robson street closed to vehicles the whole thing is effectively a giant sidewalk and it’s so packed with people that it takes 50% longer for me to walk home.

I have never seen anything like it.

All the venues, all the events, all the concerts have a minimum wait of 30 minutes to get in (if you’re lucky). Most of the good places – the Irish house, German house, Northern House, Atlantic house have seen lines more than 3 hours long.

The nightly fireworks, constant music and cheering are overwhelming.

Vancouver has transformed overnight from a laid back bunch of early to bed, granola crunchers to a city that never sleeps like New York.

The absolutely amazing weather we have been having makes me wonder if it will change the perceptions of canadian winters for visitors. I wonder how many tourists will come here, fall in love with the city, and decide to move here. If that does happen will it be enough to hold real estate prices at their astronomical levels? Only time will tell.