Speed Training

We’re kicking it in high gear to train for the BMO half marathon coming up next weekend. Like trying to cram the last night before an exam we’re running every night leading up to the race.

One of the problems we’ve found that makes running more tedious is feeling pressured to find somewhere new to run every time. One way that we’ve found to keep things interesting is to have the same route but track your progress on it. Each time you do the same route time it and measure your progress. It keeps the focus on improving, and pushing yourself harder rather on the scenery.

This is our current short run:

It’s a 2.36km loop that ends with 5 flights of stairs. Our time today to finish was 13:55 which put the average pace at 5:53/km. We’d like to get that down to 13:20 in the next week. Then one good long run on the weekend and hopefully we’ll be prepared enough for a decent finish in the half marathon.