We’re getting the logistics hammered out for the move to Calgary and have pretty much settled on renting a uHaul with a trailer.

Figuring out all this stuff is making us antsy to just do it already.

I was going to drive the Motorcycle through the rockies, a ride that I’m looking forward to doing sometime this summer, but instead we’re going to get a trailer for the bike and share the truck driving. We’ll be leaving on Friday May 28th for Kamloops and then finishing the drive the next day, arriving in Calgary in the evening.

We have already started packing up stuff. Last night we dismantled some of our ikea furniture which doesn’t get used much. That will make it easier to steam clean the carpets this weekend. And we created a pile of clothes to donate and electronics to sell/give away.

The more I think about it the more excited I get about moving to Calgary.