One Week to Move Day

In just one week we’ll be packing up our life in Vancouver and moving east to Calgary. I’m getting more excited and a bit surprised at how quickly time caught up on us. We have all the important stuff organized and the only remaining things to do are pack stuff into boxes, clean the apartment, and figure out how what to do about our mail.

For the past few weeks I have been cluing up things at work and making sure everything I maintain is well documented. I have a going away lunch tomorrow with a bunch of people from the office, then Friday and Monday off. So there’s really only 4 days left of work here in Vancouver.

One of my last projects here at CCL was to migrate developers from Subversion to Mercurial. There were a few things that could have been done better, but unfortunately convincing people to take time to learn how to use new tools before they have to is a hard sell. we made the switch and forced everyone to spend a few hours reading documentation and fumbling with the new tools. After a couple days to settle down I think people are starting to really like it and appreciate the new power they have.

Next week should be quiet and I hopefully will have time to learn more about Groovy and Grails.