So Many Abandoned Projects

Yesterday I got a notice from goDaddy about a security issue with WordPress that recommended that I upgrade to the latest version on all my websites.

So I started going through all my domains to find out which ones needed updates. Turns out I have a lot of websites that have been left to rot. I really didn’t appreciate just how many I had.

It made me realize that I’m in need of some tools to help monitor and keep tabs on all my websites. Something to keep them in the front of my mind, and to make sure I’m aware if and when they break and when the content goes stale.

It seems like something that many people would have to deal with but I don’t know of any tools out there to deal with it. Google isn’t helping me finding anything today.

My first thought is to create a webpage that iframes all my other websites. so I can see them all in one glance. that’s flexible but not very intelligent. There must be something better out there, but I haven’t yet found it.