Loving the New Kindle

I got my new Kindle in the mail on Friday and have been devouring books all weekend.

The first thing that you notice when you pick up the kindle is the size and weight. It’s very thin and light. Pretty much the perfect size for an electronic device. I can see now that the size is much more convenient than the larger iPad sized device. It’s light enough that it’s easy to hold with just a few fingers without losing grip or having to adjust reading position from time to time.

The second thing that you notice is the screen. The black and white screen looks almost exactly like looking at paper print. It’s actually kind of peculiar because it makes the device seem like it’s not a piece of advanced technology.

And yet it is very advanced. The screen is state of the art. The battery lasts all month long without requiring a recharge and the internet has been abstracted upon to provide syncing, book purchasing and downloads as if by magic. It’s a purpose built device that provides a great experience. The Kindle is the future of book reading.

I think what I like about the Kindle most is that there are no distractions. When reading a book there is no clock in the corner ticking away, there’s no wealth of applications hiding just under the surface tempting you to play games or check email. Just simple page turning. It’s easy to get sucked into the reading experience.

I very highly recommend getting one.