Back from Phoenix, Onto St John’s

Just got back from an awesome trip to Phoenix for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 3 Live event.

Never had the chance to see anything in Scottsdale or Phoenix outside of the hotel. I was busy networking with people and attending the conference the entire time. So I’ll have to find an opportunity to visit there again.

Travel these last few days is pretty hectic. I had to get up at 3am on Monday to fly back to Calgary, then took the afternoon to catch up on emails and catch up on some sleep. Today I have one day of work before having to go home, pack again and get on a midnight flight on to St. John’s.

For some reason, flying makes me feel like a successful businessman. Not sure why, but I guess I associate business success with having to jet around the country to meet and get things done. I’m looking forward to getting to do more travel over the next year.