Getting Connected

One thing that came out of my recent trip to Scottsdale was a new appreciation for networking. Seeing people everywhere meeting, exchanging business cards and doing deals was actually exciting. There were million dollar deals happening in that room and after hours at the bar.

It’s the kind of environment I need to experience more often because after that weekend not only did I find and meet many people I could personally help using my particular skills, but the practice of meeting hundreds of new people actually rubbed off and it became easier as the weekend progressed.

So I plan on attending another event sometime next year, and I want to be ready to connect with as many people as I can. To do that requires practice — here’s the strategy:

  1. Join and attend a number of groups on
  2. Join a toastmasters group and attend weekly meetings
  3. Join the Calgary Chamber of Commerce & attend breakfast events

The goal is to meet as many new people as possible and find some way to help them whether that is providing some of my time or skills or introducing them to someone else.