Being Productive

The last few weeks have been very productive.

I have been getting a lot of stuff done for my new website. This is an idea that I have had in various different stages of development for the last few years but now I’m nearing an actual public release of the service. The website is Automatic Blog Machine. I did everything for this website. Wrote the back end software, manage the infrastructure and databases, designed the HTML layouts, and did all the graphics. When it comes time to launch it, I’ll be writing the sales copy, designing and creating the marketing materials, and running customer support.

At work I started on a new project for doing invoicing for small businesses. I’ve made some really good progress on the project so far.

At home, I have been doing lots of small handy man jobs. hung the pictures, installed the bathroom mirror, re-arranged the office, cleaned up the basement, brewed some wine, built a wine rack, installed a chin-up bar, patched a hole in the wall where I made a mistake installing the chin-up bar and a ton of other stuff.

Trying to figure out what changed over the last few weeks that has made me more productive is a bit tricky.

The winter makes doing anything outside a hassle so I’ve been staying in more often and working through the lunches. Heather has been going to the gym after work which has given me a couple extra hours per week to do programming. We also don’t have cable TV and without having the ability to channel surf I’ve slowly been loosing interest in watching anything. But perhaps the most important thing is I switched from coffee to green tea.

There are two keys I’ve found to being productive.

  1. focus on one task at a time and avoid interruptions
  2. know the next action steps you need to take for your goals and just do them