Bottled Our First Wine

Over the weekend we bottled our first batch of homemade wine. It’s pretty easy to do and the wine even from our cheap kit turned out to be quite good.

We already have a second kit brewing. I’m still debating what to make after that

Soon we’ll be able to offer the “house white” or “house red” to guests.

To get everything going we needed to buy a few things. Here’s an approximate price list of what we got:

  • Starter Kit: $60
  • Extra Plastic Carboy: $14
  • Wine Kit: $67
  • Three dozen empty bottles: $24
  • Bottle Corker: $40
  • Warming Belt: $10

That first kit produced 27 bottles of wine so even including the one-time costs of the equipment it only cost $7.90/bottle. After we finish our second kit, the per bottle cost will be about $5. So it’s a good investment even if you only do it once or twice compared to buying wine from the store.

We haven’t drank much of the first wine yet. But It is quite good – Probably comparable to a $15-$20 bottle.

After the white is finished the next thing may be either a beer, or a port.