Exciting Progress on Project

I have been making steady progress on the Automatic Blog Machine project. But the feature I implemented today has me even more excited about the market potential of this system.

It can now install WordPress on hundreds of websites simultaneously, on any number of different servers all with different settings, passwords, titles, plugins and themes. I don’t think anyone currently offers this kind of functionality and generally this kind of work is outsourced to kids in India. The tediousness of the work is the main reason that I haven’t put websites on all the domain names I’ve bought over the years. Now I have an automated solution.

My goal is to setup 200 new blogs by the end of the month across a couple of different servers do to some extensive stress testing of everything and fine tune some of the optimizations. For the time being most of those blogs will be using sub domains of some of the existing domains I own.

Super excited about the progress, and pumped to see how it evolves over the next few weeks.