Fun Coding

My automatic blog machine project is nearing completion. The major functionality is all there and I’m starting to focus on the usability with things like proper error messages. Looking forward to getting into the launch phase next.

In the last few days I’ve started playing with some other coding side projects.

I’ve been watching, reading and learning Objective-C for iPhone development. It’s an interesting language and a pretty nice framework. GUI development with a full IDE is something that I’m not too familiar with and their is a big learning curve to finding my way around the huge set of libraries.

One of the interesting things I started playing with today was a bit of code that uses a Markov Chain algorithm to generate new text based on a corpus of texts. It works by determining the next word based on the previous n words looking at the corpus of text to find which words followed them and then randomly choosing from the possible next words. It results in usually some pretty humours text.