Internet Explorer Shit The Bed

As a full-time professional web developer I have to write webpages that look and behave well. I do all my development work on Linux and Mac computers with modern web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

Now that we’re very close to a final release of the product, everything was polished and looking very nice and professional as you would expect with months of work on the design by a dedicated marketing team and dedicated UI designer.

Unfortunately, we had put off testing the IE support of the site – I guess hoping that it would just work out and wouldn’t be too bad. But in the last week we’ve booted up some windows machines to have a closer look.

It was horrendous.

Our beautiful carefully selected fonts were rendered unreadable mush. Buttons lost the text, and rendered as mess of rectangles and scribbles. JavaScript goodness was broken and throwing errors, layouts were completely ignored – cutting off text and obscuring form fields. Shadows and gradients did not work, and the nice soft rounded corners were a disaster. The JavaScript heavy parts of the site were exponentially slower and less responsive.

IE 8 shit the bed.

What makes it worse is that the developer tools for diagnosing and fixing these rendering and javascript errors on windows are abysmal. Resulting in painful and frustrating extra work.

On behalf of web developers everywhere I ask that you please never use Internet Explorer to do anything other than download a different browser. And afterwards please uninstall Internet Explorer from your computer.

Google Chrome


Note: IE 9 released recently is still technically about a year’s worth of development behind the other browsers.