The Next Big Thing

Last night I was thinking about what it takes to build a billion dollar company. What is the next big thing in technology and what will be the next Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

I started trying to find out what those companies had that made them worth so much. Then it came to me. It’s the connections.

Google connects you to the things you don’t know
Facebook connects you to your friends
Twitter connects you to what’s happening right now
LinkedIn connects you to your co-workers and professional contacts
Foursquare connects you to your location

The obvious next question to ask is what other things do people want to be connected to? And which of these ideas time has come?

Your “Stuff” – music you bought, your car, video games, rugs, tools, computers etc. Nothing connects people to the stuff they own.
Your Home – connecting you to your home, and what’s happening in it.
Your Health – knowing what is happening in your body.
The things you want – more than a wishlist though. something that helps you get the things you want faster and cheaper
Your Entertainment – TV currently connects most people to their entertainment, but it’s ripe for disruption.
Your Carbon Footprint – something that can tell you accurately how much you are contributing to environmental collapse.
What you should be doing – A system that can suggest things you should do to reach your goals.

I think there are billion dollar companies somewhere in that set of ideas.