Audacious Goals And Teamwork

Some of the most successful people I have ever met, or have read their books come to the same conclusions about what the key factors are for their success.


Though some people call it teamwork it goes by many other names. Masterminds, Board of Directors, Mentorships and clubs are some examples.

Regardless of what you call it or how it’s organized, the key to success it not going it alone. Indeed, having a group of people moving in the same direction seems to be more powerful than the sum of their parts.

In that spirit Colum and I have started towards an audacious goal. Earning an extra $720,000 over the next 720 days through the creation of several business ventures.

Obviously that is not going to be easy. It will take a multi-pronged approach with several different projects going on at the same time.

To start we have scheduled a weekly meeting. The purpose is to set short term goals and hold each other accountable for the previous weeks goals. Lest we risk humiliation. Several weeks into this and so far I can call it a resounding success. We have developed a strategy and set some longer term targets to meet. It has also spurred on the development of existing projects and helped keep the momentum going on them.

There is a palatable and healthy drive that’s giving me a kick in the ass to get stuff done in the evening.

Besides holding each other accountable there’s also having someone to bounce ideas off or to review things and provide honest feedback.

I will reveal some of the strategies we are executing to reach this audacious goal as they progress. Suffice it to say the next 2 years will be big ones for both of us.