Electric Cars

I find it somewhat surprising that car guys sometimes dismiss electric cars. They are technically superior to gas and hydrogen in every conceivable way other than the current generation of battery technology.

Electric motors have very few moving parts and rarely will brake down or require maintenance.

Lack of a required gear box results in less power lost in the transmission, and more power delivered to the wheels. It will also deliver a smoother acceleration with no gear shifting jolts and simpler controls.

Higher torque than gas engines make electric motors particularly good for big trucks since it should deliver excellent towing capability.

The only real problem with them is current battery technology – but think about it. The purpose of a battery is to store the weightless electrons needed to fuel the motor. Electrons are easy to move around and transfer with wires. Electrons must be one of the easiest things to transport. Much easier than trucks burning gasoline to move gasoline from one place to another.

Current battery research is developing at a rapid pace. Batteries in the lab are recharging faster than you could fill a car with gas. The weight of those batteries is dropping, efficiencies are improving and densities are increasing. With millions of dollars being spend on battery research and development it’s just a matter of time before a 2 minute fill-up at the electricity station will drive you as far as a 2 minute gas fill-up at the gas station except cost 1/10th as much.

Ten years ago I wanted my first car to be an electric car. But the car companies let me down. The only electric car available on the market right now is comparable to a Porsche 911 in both class and price. So I ended up with a Civic. Hopefully in 5 years my second car can be electron powered. My next Motorcycle will definitely be electric.