Finding Time In The Morning

Today at lunch with Colum the topic came up of how to find the time to get everything that we want to do done. Colum had just over the past week done an assessment of his daily schedule to see if there was some time that he could use more effectively.

The most obvious untapped productivity was taking advantage of the time before the 9-5 job starts.

The early morning is a great time to be productive. No one is up, there’s nothing on TV, the mind is fresh, and the house is quiet.

The evening is fraught with distractions. Cooking dinner, TV, Movies etc provide ample opportunities to lose focus.

My current morning routine is to read the iPad in bed for about 30 minutes before getting up at 7:30.

I’m going to experiment with a week of 5am wakeups – like I used to when living in Vancouver. With the additional time I’m going to learn more about iPhone Development.