In the last few days I have managed to finish my website and now I’m finally getting into gear on the marketing and sales aspect of the launch.

There’s a few things to work out with the payment and signup parts and some testing to do on the paypal integration but since I’m limiting it to just 20 people I don’t mind dealing with problems on that end. Essentially there’s no more programming required to be done.

So I have started writing the sales letter and drafting some emails. Sometime in the next 3 days I plan on doing some video recordings to show off the software and post them to YouTube for some additional exposure.

One thing that I may order over next week is a video camera. Specifically I’m looking at the Kodak Zi10 Playtouch which can record decent 1080p HD video and has the ability to plug in an external mic for better sound. At just $160 it’s amazing how much the price of video recorders has dropped in the last 5 years. (my sony handycam cost $600 in 2006)