In the Thick of It

The last week has been fairly busy.

Over the weekend I recorded about 3 hours of video footage. Did some editing on those videos over the week. and published a few of them. The new video camera is working out nicely. Dealing with video is much more time consuming than I was expecting. Doing conversions and renderings takes so much time and uses 100% CPU that I just have to walk away.

The pre-launch stuff for Automatic Blog Machine officially started on Monday. A bunch of videos went live and some free internet marketing tools that I wrote were made available. Emails went out and traffic spiked. Since Monday I made some revisions to the launch strategy, adding some extra squeeze pages and more material.

The more I build out this launch site, the more benefit I see to having a framework for doing it. The only integrated system out there that does it is Kajabi. Which costs a minimum of $99/month.

Tonight I’m going to have to record some more videos specifically for YouTube (as opposed to directly hosting them myself). Need to get some more traffic in this pre-launch phase to help build the email list up for the launch.

On Tuesday a post I wrote for got picked up by and and resulted in a traffic spike. Ended up getting about 15x my normal daily traffic. It’s always exciting when that happens.

Also, some of the consulting work I picked up is going on. I’m doing some internet marketing strategy & development for a couple people.