Launching a Business is Hard

The last few weeks have been really hectic. The next few are going to be even more-so.

With the pressure I’m getting now to launch a business properly and working on several different ideas at the same time. Each is competing for my attention. There’s no time for watching TV anymore.

I got the video camera last week and over the weekend I recorded the first of my pre-launch videos for automatic blog machine. Tonight I’m going to record the launch/sales video.

On Friday – recording 5 more videos.

Saturday – get the videos online, design a squeeze page for the pre-launch and test all the pages. Get the Facebook integration working.

Sunday – book editing, reading about iPhone development, writing and signing some book publishing contracts.

Monday – Start the pre-launch sequence. Publish squeeze pages, send emails, push videos to youtube, start social media promotion of that content.

I need some time to get to the bank to sign more documents for a corporate credit card application and issue a loan to my business.

If everything stays on schedule I also have a photo-shoot to do for the first book sometime on the weekend.

If there’s time between everything else going on I am working on an iPhone app. But there’s also a backlog of 6 thick technical manuals to read through.