New Phone

To celebrate hitting the threshold on my business launch, and finally getting a company credit card (after months of paperwork) I have upgraded my phone.

A year ago when I got to Calgary I picked up the cheapest phone I could buy. And it was garbage. The screen was completely blank if it was too bright out, the buttons were difficult to type on, the sound quality was terrible. There was nothing good about the phone except that it was cheap.

Yesterday at lunch I picked up a Nexus S smartphone. Much better. I’ll be able to check emails now, listen to music, play games, take pictures. Everything.

I had been debating going for the iPhone 4 instead but I already own so many iOS devices that trying something else seemed like a good idea.

And on Wind Mobile’s network the plan – unlimited local calling, unlimited CAN/US texts, and unlimited data is just $35/month.

Now that I have some business revenue I can externalize the costs to the corporation. Which means paying for it with before tax dollars.