One Week into Sauerkraut Diet

It has been 7 days since I picked up 2L of sauerkraut at Costco and thought the results so far have been interesting enough to make a post about.

I have a morning ritual. Every morning I weigh myself – after using the washroom, before eating or getting dressed for consistency. Since January I have been tracking this daily in a spreadsheet and charting it.

Over the last week I have recorded the most consistant and dramatic weight-loss since I started tracking. Losing 6.5lbs. in 7 days and taking me to my lowest weight in about 1 year.

To be clear though. the sauerkraut is really just the hook to make it seem interesting. The reality is that I’m keeping my daily carb intake below 25g (which is really hard to do) in order to get myself into ketosis where my calories are sourced from body fat rather than food.

What have I been eating then?

Breakfast: about 2/3 cup of sauerkraut

Morning: 2 cups of coffee

Lunch: 65g of Salted Peanuts (anything other than plain/salted/bbq peanuts has too many carbs)

Supper: Meat + salad (very little dressing) or lower carb vegetables. ( no potato, beans, rice etc )

If I’m feeling a bit hungry I’ll have few more peanuts, and if my carbs have been particularly low for the day I’ll allow myself one small indulgence (glass of red wine, beer, handful of chips). Note that it’s not about restricting calories or starving myself. I have been having larger portions of meat for supper and as much salad vegetables as I can eat. If I was more organized I would add a salad to lunch, but the supermarket is too far from the office and peanuts are just about the only thing at the corner store with less than 10g of carbs.

This kind of diet is obviously not sustainable, but it is perfectly healthy for short 1-2 week duration and actually something that we’re fairly well adapted to do.