Pushing through resistance

It’s interesting to sometimes see how your own mind subconsciously makes you do things – or not do things.

There was a book I read last week called ‘do the work’ which talked about the resistance that people go though as they get closer to shipping whatever it is that they’re working on. It could be a book, a painting or a business. Whatever the case it seems that there is a natural fear of either success or failure that sets up a roadblock. The mind builds a compelling case of self doubt – it could be better, what if nobody likes it or I need more time to market it. Whatever it is it’s usually convincing enough to cause delays, put thing off track or even result in abandoning the project.

Getting down to the last few days before launching my site and I can feel those doubts rising in me. What happens if nobody buys it? Or worse what happens if it sells out?

The good thing is that these emotions are expected, and I can recognize them and push them aside.

Let’s get this thing done. Get it out there and see how it does.