Trip to Jasper

I took two days off work to drive to Jasper for a long weekend trip. It’s really nice up there. Epic drive through the rockies with awe inspiring views for the entire drive.

The amount of wildlife was really shocking. While driving around near Jasper we saw five black bears, 3 deer, 1 elk, and a mountain sheep.

It was kind of shocking the number of tourists who see a bear cross the road, stop their cars, jump out and run up to it for a photo op. Often they suddenly believe that the highway is a great place to stop their cars and saunter across the roadway without looking both ways for traffic. I’m surprised that more people don’t get killed on that stretch of highway.

Jasper was really nice though. We ended up just hanging out for a bit, did a hike through the woods, and took a boat tour on the largest lake in the rockies Maligne Lake.