Working on Game Update

Feedback on my first iPhone game convinced me to do an update to the game rather than moving on immediately to game number 2.

The amount of work going into this update is quite staggering. The most time consuming aspect is going to be adding an in-game currency and creating things that players can buy. But there are additional changes to just about all aspects to the game.

This update will also introduce iPad support which is far more difficult than it sounds. All the graphics need to be redone and scaled up gameplay speeds need to be tuned for the new sizes and everything needs to be tested again across more devices.

It’s a lot of work that I want to get done before the end of the month. I’m hoping to have the programming done in the next week then have a week to test and tune everything before submitting the update at the beginning of September.

With all that work on this one game I think there’s a pretty good platform for easily creating some similar games. So the next 2 games will probably be re-skinning this one with different graphics. I will find a graphic artist to do the artwork for them so that I can pretty much stay hands off on the development side of things and can start working on the next platform for a real-time sim game.

Financially this first game has made roughly $60 so far. The update will add a lot more options for monetization and will hopefully drive some additional revenue.