Excellent Week

This week I set out to build a back end web service for all my future iPhone apps. To that end I am on track to meet the commitment I made to myself and Colum to get it done before Sunday. It’s a pretty nice little app. Python/Django code base using Automatic Blog Machine as a starting point so the look/feel is very much the same as that site. It will serve ads, news messages, and verify purchases as well as provide some real-time statistics. The website side of things is roughly 90% complete and the accompanying iOS SDK is about half done.

I love how quickly a python/django web app can come together. I’m hoping to launch the site on Sunday.

This week also saw the first bit of revenue coming in from in-app-purchases within UFO Invader. Not a massive amount of money ($30) but enough to convince me that there is a lot of potential there. The real challenge will be sticking with things until I manage to release 10+ games & finding someone to hire/partner with for graphics.

My strategy has shifted a little bit in that I’m going to try to build out a bunch of core stuff that will be useful in all my games going forward. I want to build enough of the common components – menus, IAP integration, multiplayer support so that I can quickly mash together those bits with a game whether that’s a 2D scroller or angry birds type thing. With all the hard stuff done it should be possible to produce a new simple game every 2 weeks.