Education of Millionaires

For the last few weeks I have been keeping a schedule where I alternate days between evenings of reading and programming. As a result I have been ripping through more books than usual and my reading list is quickly growing with more books. Trying to get to 3 books per week. There is just so much good stuff to learn.

I’m currently reading “Education of Millionaires” by Michael Ellsberg It’s a book that I wish I had read when I was 17 and ready to go to University. (there are a lot of books in that category)

The focus of the book and key idea is that the major skills for being successful in life have little to do with what you learn in academia. It goes on to explore the key skills such as marketing, sales, and networking that the successful entrepreneurs say are the most important. Those skills are not taught in University. There are zero Ivy League business schools with sales training classes. Marketing classes are all about branding and not about about how to do media buys or what design elements work and what don’t.

With the world economy increasingly looking like it’s going down the toilette it’s these skills for generating cash flow that could be the difference between you being one of the 500 resumes in a pile, or the person choosing the best candidate to hire.

The author of the book interviews countless millionaires and a few billionaires to share their stories while also telling how implementing what he learned from them affected his own personal business success.