One Year of Daily Weight Tracking

One year ago I read Tim Ferriss’ book 4 Hour Body. which was a great book.

One of the things Tim suggested was to track your fitness so I started to weigh myself every morning and kept track of that weight in a spreadsheet. so I could see the trends over time.

It’s been a year now and I think the chart is interesting enough to share.

There were two weight loss phases in this past 12 months. The first was in January just after having finished reading 4-Hour-Body when I lost 5 lbs going from 175lbs to 170. The 4HB plan was focused on substituting slower carbs (ex. beans) for carbs that result in more dramatic blood glucose spikes.

The second big drop was the week that I was eating sauerkraut every day for a week for breakfast. That week brought be from 170lbs down to 165lbs. I got the idea for this test after reading about Tucker Max’s Paleo diet.

Since then my weight has been slowly inching back up and especially since I started working on apps in the evenings I have had less self control to stick with a diet.