Lifting Heavy Weights

This past weekend Heather and I picked up a bunch of weight plates to start lifting weights in the basement.

I’ve always wanted that lean runners body, but sooner or later I just had to face the facts that my legs are just too short and thick to really do well in that sport.  However I will continue to train with running since I’m signed up for a few races this year, but going forward I’m going to be putting a bigger focus on lifting really heavy stuff.

The over all plan is to find a weight that I can lift to about 10 reps and build a circuit around the weights and bars that I have available.

It’s been a while since I have done any weight lifting, so it’s interesting to see how quickly the heart rate picks up in comparison to a jog around the block.

I’m going to try to put in at least a 15 minute workout each day.  Not a lot, but should be enough to see results.