Really Impressed with Macbook Air

Back in December I decided to get a Macbook Air to develop my iPhone/iPad apps on.

I ended up buying the 11″ version upgraded to 4GB of memory.

It is a really nice machine.  Not much bigger than the iPad and it is so quick.  the SSD combined with 4GB of RAM mean that it boots in about 20 seconds.  Rather surprisingly it can handle running several copies of XCode + Photoshop at the same time without sweating.  Connect it to a nice 22″ screen at the office and it’s just as good as having a desktop.  On the go it’s light enough to forget it’s in your bag.  It’s the best computer I have owned.

Windows 8 preview came out yesterday and I have to say I have no interest at all to see what it’s like.  Mac all the way.