Going vegetarian

It was several years ago now that I did a dietary experiment and only ate meat for a month. It was shortly after reading the book Good Calories Bad Calories in which I learned about several people who lived on a primarily meat based diet and were very healthy. The main argument in the book was that is was due to the low amounts of sugars and carbs.

I had expected to lose 10 lbs that month but only ended up losing 5. And towards the end of the month I was experiencing headaches.

Over the last few years I have continued to learn more about healthy eating.

While the all meat diet worked great for the Inuit who could eat wild natural meat. I believe that the quality of meat from the local grocery store is shit and not worth eating at all.

For the month of May I’m going to be switching things up with another dietary experiment. This time I’m going vegetarian. However it’s with a number of additional restrictions.

  • no potatoes
  • no breads or flour based products
  • as little sugar as I can
  • no dairy products

Instead I will be making all my meals with things like

  • onions and garlic
  • cabbage, carrots and broccoli
  • beans and lentils
  • fruits and berries
  • seeds and nuts

I’m not exactly sure what to expect from this change but will never know if I don’t test it.