Lifting Weights

Since starting the vegetarian diet at the beginning of this month I was hoping to find a diet that would help me get past a weight loss plateau.  Unfortunately it hasn’t really worked out.

I will be continuing the vegetarian diet for the rest of the month just to see it through but I think it’s just too difficult to maintain the vegetarian diet without becoming a starchatarian.

To get myself off this weight loss plateau I’m going to be focusing on two things for the next few weeks.

  1. Drinking lots of water
  2. Lifting heavy weights

The more research that I read the more convincing it is that lifting weights is perhaps 5x more effective than a cardio program for getting and staying in shape.

There are just a couple of key moves that I’m going to be focusing on.

The Squat – is a fantastic movement.  It focuses on the biggest muscles in the body which means that they are quick to tire you out, and they burn lots calories.

Kettlebell swings – according to Tim Ferriss this is perhaps the best exercise movement you can do because it works every major muscle group – legs, core, back, shoulders and arms.

Pull-ups – not that great of an exercise, just something that is quick and easy to do throughout the day since my pull-up bar is just outside my office door.

Unlike running or biking where you run for 30-60 minutes or more with a slightly elevated heart rate and breathing.  A squat can leave you out of breath and exhausted in 25 seconds.  It is – in some respects – very similar to the HIIT style cardio workouts which can be very effective.

I’m at 169lbs right now and my goal is to get down to 155lbs before thanksgiving – when I’m doing a half marathon in Kelowna.