One week of Vegetarianism

I’m a week into my vegetarian diet and need to make some notes about how it’s going so far.

My meals have been something like this for the most part:
Breakfast: coffee + vitamin supplements (omega-3, calcium-magnesium, pro-biotic and vitamin D)
Lunch: Quinoa or Bean Salad
Supper: A Big Salad

I did lose 2-3 lbs in this first week in spite of Beerfest on Saturday.

There were a few lessons learned though.

  1. It’s really difficult to feel satisfied with a vegetarian meal while avoiding the pastas, breads and potatoes.  After having a family sized bowl of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions I still feel really hungry.
  2. Salads at most restaurants are terribly small for a main course.  Most restaurants have only one menu item that comes close to falling in my diet guidelines which makes picking something from the menu rather easy.
  3. Salt can affect weight more than I realized.  After a few days of very low salt intake eating a very high salt falafel on Sunday I was up 3lbs day over day.
  4. Eating a bowl full of vegetables feels like a chore.  (Eat to live not Live to Eat)
  5. At least in the first week, I’ve been craving a burger or pizza
  6. It’s really hard to avoid cheese

On the positive side:

  1. I haven’t felt sick or dizzy. No headaches
  2. have been sleeping well
  3. still have energy in the day

One of the things that I usually re-learn when I do these dietary experiments is that it’s kind of nice to have a limited selection of food to choose from.  It makes the decision process much easier.  Simple meals with one thing on the plate are even better.  The normal meal that I would have growing up needed 3 decisions – which meat, which vegetables and what starch.  Now it’s which salad – a choice which is usually determined by what’s in the fridge at the moment.