Write a lot of Code

I write a lot of code.  I love it.  The challenge and creativity of solving problems along with the hope that the right program could save either myself or many other people their valuable time or provide them something better to do with their time is a great reward.

There are about 5 software projects that I’m in the process of working on.  All of them have me excited.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is just how much more difficult it is to code when working on a project in a team.  On my own personal projects I have no problems with adding or removing 500 lines of code in a day because I have a pretty good understanding of how everything works.  With a team project there are more moving pieces and therefore every change requires second guessing, searching for usages and being vigilant to validate arguments and document more thoroughly.

Skipping the boiler plate code and coding as much as possible as quickly as possible gets me to the real challenges quicker, forces me to learn things at a more rapid pace, and arrive at a functional (but perhaps more buggy) product sooner.

Learning new things and always trying to practice to gain mastery in my craft is a never ending journey.  Putting fingers to keyboard to solve problems is an addiction I can’t shake.

Tomorrows Goal: write more code.