Good Beer

One of the interesting things I’ve been learning through the experience is that good homemade beer is substantially easier to make than good homemade wine. Perhaps the biggest difference is just around the community and maturity of the market.

Homemade beer is all about recipes. You get to pick and choose malts, grains, spices, hops, and yeasts in unlimited varieties. There are lots of options for everything and books full of replicas of famous beers and great software for figuring out every detail of flavour profile and beer type.

Wine on the other hand comes in kits. The instructions are generic and it’s difficult to find anything that suggests better yeasts, methods, grape juices, or additives.

After getting into beer making the wine stuff is increasingly frustrating. It’s relatively easy to make homemade beer that is as good as or better than anything in the store. However homemade wine is difficult – not because it’s actually hard but because it’s impossible to find information on how to make wine which isn’t cheap yeasts and shortest time to drink instructions.

It’s strange because the home made wine industry is way more mature – there are stores all over the place that sell wine kits.

The next time I try wine I’m not following the instructions.