Writing another (short) book

I have a book available in for the kindle that I wrote several years ago. It’s been doing ok for sales considering that I have never really done anything to promote it.

This past week I have been following someone who is selling a course on kindle publishing and I learned a few things from watching his examples. It’s got me a bit charged up to get another short book written up and published on kindle.

Over the last couple days I hammered out the first 4500 words of my goal of 10,000 words about brewing beer. Hopefully I can pull this together quickly and get it up for sale by the end of September.

After this one I already have an idea of what I want to write next.

It’s strange that I never considered myself a good student in English class at school and yet I’ve managed to keep this blog going for nearly a decade, have one book published on Amazon.com, a second one now 50% completed and a third book in the research stage.