Personal Growth

One of the most difficult things to change is yourself.

I have felt like for the past few years I’m on the edge of a major change and headed for greatness.  Yet that success has continued to elude me.  In some ways it has been extremely frustrating to see month after month pass by without the progress I’d hoped for with failed goals and mediocre returns on my projects.

True change is a difficult thing to accomplish and requires continual pressure to push your comfort zones.

Falling back into comfortable patterns is the end of growth and a settling of the status quo.

I’m reminded of my days in high school where I was continually pushed to do things I wasn’t comfortable with, whether it was public speaking on the debating team, or performing solos with the band or choir.  It was a personal challenge to do things that were not easy.  And I grew.  Eventually they were easy.

Today I feel like it would have been good to have the pressure of friends and teachers to egg me on just for a few more years.  To help me gain skills in leadership, delegation, and negotiation.

Looking at the near future I have the opportunity to create a multi million dollar business.  But something is holding me back.  From inside my own mind I cannot tell what it is or what steps are necessary to break through.

Personal growth is hard because if you knew the answers it would just be a matter of following through.  When you don’t know the questions to ask it’s impossible to know the next step.