Back From Kelowna Half Marathon

I wasn’t prepared for a half marathon.  My training consisted of a short run/walk every other week so I knew going into it that it would not be a personal best.  However I was surprised how well I did pull it off.

The 10K mark was at a personal best time for that distance and had I signed up for the 10K race you might be seeing a very smug smile on me right now.

The last 5K was a slow slog however that brought my time back to earth.  My final time was about 2:23.  Which I’m pretty happy with since I was expecting something over 2:30 given the lack of training.

It was the slow recovery that really told me how bad my training was.  Sunday after the race was a write off to nurse sore knees.  On Monday it was still hard to walk and on Tuesday things were still hurting.

Kelowna was amazing as usual.  We stopped at more than a dozen wineries between Penticton and Vernon.  The weather was perfect and yet again I found myself wondering how we could buy some real estate in the region.