Weekend Trip to Lake Simcoe

Last weekend Heather and I took a weekend trip (all expenses paid) to Lake Simcoe to meet with my business partner at his cottage.  It was a pretty productive weekend meeting and re-invigorated me for another leap forward in the mobile app business.

It was nice to be back in Ontario.  Ontario, unlike Newfoundland, BC, or Alberta feels like “Canada” if that makes sense.  Especially with the fall colours coming in on the trees.

We got a quick afternoon driving tour of Toronto before stopping for dim sum as a last minute supper before heading back on the plane.  Despite living in Waterloo for 4 years I never really took any time to see Toronto.  This time around we walked through Kensington and the place was buzzing with activity – people were rapping on the rooftops, jamming in the streets and the shops were packed.  It’s something that you just don’t get here in Calgary.

It’s very interesting comparing Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.  They are all very different, and they have a very different vibe.  Something you really need to experience to understand.  Definitely want to get back to Toronto again soon to see more of it.