A Productive Christmas Break?

There’s just so much work to be done that I’m really going to have to strive for a very productive month of programming.

I need to update all my apps for the new year and hopefully launch a few new ones.

To that end I’m planning on taking some more time off work over the next couple weeks and months to push through some coding projects.

In the pipeline now are one new website, a redesign of another website, update 7 of my iPhone Apps with improvements aimed at increasing retention and ad revenue, and making a lot of progress on my big social game.

The social game is what has been on my mind the most and I have very high hopes that it is going to be amazing when finished. I expect I will have to hire some artists in March to help bring a level of polish I haven’t yet been able to achieve on my own.

Will it be possible to have a productive Christmas break or will there be too many distractions?