Progress on New Game

So the new game is going to be called Tycho City. It’s based on building a lunar base and battling other bases for the moon’s valuable resources. There’s a mix of two styles of gameplay the first is the simulation of the moon base with building and upgrading mines and energy collectors. The second is a defence game where you attack other bases by landing your troops/robots and taking on their defences.

Unlike my previous games this time I’m taking some good advice and modeling other successful games. Rather than try to invent something brand new I am going to try to put my spin on a popular and profitable game concept.

One thing about this type of game is just how much data there is to manage.

This game will be heavily dependant on web servers to deliver almost everything. All of the costs, upgrade paths, graphics, assets, music, rules, build times, and store menus will be defined and controlled from my web backend. It will allow us to dynamically update and tweak the game play to optimize things after it’s released and keep it fresh with new content. But it’s a lot of Data. And that’s just on the static side of things. The server will also keep and save the game state of every player’s game in real-time.

Organizing all of this information in a way that is going to be easy to understand and work with is not easy. But it’s a fun challenge.

This game is going to take several more months to finish. But it’s going to be my best chance of getting a major hit.