UFO Invader Update Coming

main menu mockup

The first game I did for iPhone was released back in 2011. Seems like eons ago. The game hasn’t been updated, or promoted since that initial release and yet there are still an average of 100 people playing it every day.

I’m working with Colum on a strategy to launch a bunch of new games over the next several months starting with an update to the code for UFO Invader.

The new update will include many of the things I’ve learned in the last 15 months from selling my apps on the store. It should be able to improve monetization, make the game more fun, and I’ll be adding a bunch of new upgrades to the game so that players have new things to collect and buy with the in game currency.

Much of the weekend was spent just getting the app to compile again. Now that it’s running again on my iPad there’s a lot of graphics work to do to get the app working with all the retina devices that have come out since it was originally released.

I’m excited to see how this game update does and then to move on to creating a bunch of new games in the coming months to hopefully re-launch the Halotis brand.