The Great App Challenge of 2013

UFO Invader version 2.0 is submitted to the iTunes App Store for review.  It should be published in about a week.

That marks the first app for what I’m calling the Great App Challenge of 2013.  The goal is to release 20-25 Apps this year between myself and Colum.  That’s one app every 2 weeks!

The second game is called Air Barons and should be ready to submit tonight or tomorrow.  It is essentially the same game as UFO Invader except all the art assets have been replaced and we’ve managed to add a few new animations and effects to give the game a bit more life.

The strategy for the Great App Challenge of 2013 is to iteratively improve the on 3 different game platforms focusing on one key feature to implement for each new game.  No doubt that most of the effort will be going into creating the art assets for all these games but by the end of the year we should have streamlined our production of new games to the point where both myself and Colum have a tremendous amount of experience creating and releasing some fun games.

When successful,  these games will cross promote each other to build an even bigger audience.  It shouldn’t be hard to have all these games generating a healthy second income for both of us by the end of the year.

Game #3 is going to be an 8 bit space fighter again based on the UFO Invader code.  It will feature a new tile based parallax background and the layout of coins in the game will be designed rather than randomly generated.   Target completion date for that game is February 20th.