Another Game in the Queue

Icon-72On Monday this week we submitted another game to Apple for review.  This one is called Andromeda’s Savior and it should be available sometime next week in iTunes.

The plan is still to push out a bunch of games very quickly.

After an intense strategy meeting on Tuesday we decided to focus on a few key features to add to the platform before we spin out about 5 more re-skins as quickly as possible.  Then with 7-10 games in the store to generate some cash flow we’ll make a judgement call about whether to continue with quickly producing games or to spend a couple months on developing something higher quality.

Developing 7-10 games with various art styles and themes should provide a couple of benefits.  It will give us more experience with Photoshop, 3DS Max, and Inkscape to create better graphic assets.  It will help to give us some insight into potential markets/themes that are more popular or easier to compete in.  The base of apps will also provide some leverage for cross-promotion of any new games we release.  If we do decide to release a more complex game in the future we’ll have a base to support it’s launch and some market intelligence to help guide it’s development.

Needless to say, I’m going to have a busy few months ahead of me.