Found good TV

Last week I was lamenting the quality of educational TV.  This past week I’ve been finding a lot of interesting stuff.

I’ve been watching a lot of NOVA documentaries.  They’ve been great at introducing me to some new ideas and pushing me to read and learn more.  I spent several hours over the course of a few days learning about the interesting cold fusion experiments, and more time reading about 20th century macro-economic policies and effects.

Netflix has a decent selection of documentaries though a large portion of them are either about the food industrial complex or anti-globalization.  There are a few gems in there.

BBC documentaries are next on my list to start working through.

Finding good academically challenging videos is still hard.  For that I think the only option is to turn to books or some of the free online courses.  Sites like, Coursera, and Udacity have organized what looks like some great quality education from top universities into Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

After digging though all this educational stuff.  I came to the conclusion that education is a space that is going to be massively disrupted by technology in the next 5 years in a very fundamental way.  There are a lot of startups trying to shake things up with new ideas which have been getting lots of venture capital.  Eventually some of these startups could become the next Google, Facebook or Microsoft for the education space.