Trying to find Good Educational TV

Last night I was trying to find some good quality entertaining yet educational TV.  Something that might teach me something in enough depth that I could actually apply the knowledge, yet without the boredom of a video taped University lecture.

It is disappointing to not be able to find really anything educational for adults other than some history documentaries.  Most of the science related shows are related to physics/space and often edge into science fiction.  Worm holes?  Even if they could exist (which is doubtful) it will be 1000 years before we have the technology to create one – hardly a practical topic, yet covered in lots of Discovery Channel documentaries.

Want a quick refresher on organic chemistry?  Good luck finding anything in that category.  A literary analysis and interpretation of a new book (even at a high school level)? It doesn’t exist.  If it involves math then there’s nothing other than a dense wikipeadia page.

In the K-12 age category there’s tons of video content on things like Khan Academy which covers everything.  Government funding of k-12 education worldwide ensures that there is plenty of material available to cover 1970’s era science.

I would gladly pay a premium for an entertaining/educational video on time dilation effects, or the chemical properties of benzenes, or combinatorics, or statistics, or a history of computers, or how to perform appendicitis, or robotics, or the structural mechanics of a building.  There are so many interesting things to know about in this world and it seems like there’s not enough people who feel the same as me to create a market for creating the content.

It’s a sad state of affairs that intellectual/educational content isn’t on at prime time,  that the majority of the population would rather watch 2 1/2 men rather than learn something new.  It is perhaps my biggest gripe with capitalism that businesses go after the biggest markets which are by definition the lowest common denominator.  That the small serotonin spike provided by a sitcom provides more value to a TV watcher than gaining an understanding of how climate change is happening and where the evidence is coming from.