Operation: Take Back the Morning

For over a month now I have been lacking the will power and motivation to progress on my app development businesses.  The biggest change in that time has been that my day job is taking up more of my thoughts as we are under a lot of stress to redesign the site and finally start the integration work to launch into the USA.  The result of that stress is that at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is spend more time coding software, and the TV has become too enticing.

I’d like to get back to an early morning routine but with a focus on doing those things that are important.  When I was living in Vancouver my job started at 6am, I had to get up at 5am so I know I can bring myself to get up early.  Getting up at 6am will give me 3 hours in the morning develop an exercise habit, work on my business strategies, and work on my apps before I have to start on my job duties.

Starting tomorrow I will get up at 6am to go for a 5K run, followed by breakfast and a shower.  After that I’ll spend at least an hour working on my apps before opening the news.  I will do that every day until it becomes a habit.

To make sure that I keep it up for long enough to make it a habit I’m going to do a number of tricks.  I will track my time by writing it down.  Documenting things like this is the only clear way to tell if you’re not slipping back to old patterns, it also creates some self accountability since it is harder to write down that you spent 3 hours watching TV instead of something productive.  I’ll also ensure that my running gear is ready to go in the morning without having to futz around looking for it in the dark.  By doing the little step before bed of putting out my running clothes it creates a commitment and consistency influence which makes it harder to say no to going for a run.

By taking back the mornings I hope to make progress towards those things that are important long term before getting caught up by things that are urgent.