Thinking of Selling My Motorcycle

The thought occurred to me today that chances are I won’t be taking a long motorcycle trip for a while.  Having an adventure touring bike is a bit overkill for commuting around the city so I’m thinking of paring down to something smaller and cheaper.

It’s a hard thing to do.  Sell a bike I love.  So many good memories were had on that bike like the trip to Bowen Island during a hurricane, and riding along Okanagan Lake stopping at wineries.   Road trips by motorcycle are a unique experience that can’t be duplicated in a car.

I still want a bike to use for getting to work and hoping over to the store, but I want something small, light and cheap.  My eye is on a used Honda CBR250.

So next sunny day I’m going to take the bike for ride then take a few pictures of it and post it for sale to see what I can get for it.

It’ll be sad to see it go.  🙁