Fermenter project started

Started on a (hopefully) quick project to build a fermentation chamber for brewing lagers.  I got some quick progress on it tonight putting together a web front end to manage the brewing process and target temperatures while I wait for the electronic parts coming in the mail.

Once it’s all soldered together and the chamber built I’ll be ready to start a german style lager beer – hopefully when I get back from vacation.

The front end is currently bare minimum of functionality to get started with.  I’ll be tying this into my raspberry pi with a temperature sensor, some LEDs and a fan.  When finished it will have live temperature charts on the web interface and a log of all the past beers brewed.

Should be a nice project, which I think will be a lot more approachable for people as a DIY project compared to other ones out there.  I’m thinking of video recording the build process for YouTube to show it off.

Now if only Blichmann Engineering would gift me one of their awesome fermenters. I’d love to get this raspberry pi project integrated with some of the top equipment on the market.

Here’s where it is after the first evening of progress: